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My pick for my favorite anime villain has to be Izaya Orihara from Durarara!
Izaya is not your typical villain oh no...He has an unbelievable love for humans. Which is why he loves to manipulate everyone around him and thus "Troll God". However, he doesn't do this for world domination or power nono... he manipulates everyone for his own entertainment.
He is one of the most interesting villains I've seen, also one of the craziest. He is THE smartest villains as well. Izaya uses his mind to throw everything into chaos and force people to become his pawns (willingly or unwillingly). And thinks so far in advance, in such a short amount of time. Then for him to just have this childish and jovial aura while he's creating chaos makes him more villainous and psychotic than everyone else in anime. It's like he was born without a sliver of guilt or a conscience.
Not only that, he is also very agile and knows how to fight. For those who have watched Durarara! knows this as he's always fighting and getting chased by Shizuo. I wouldn't be able to withstand that kind of treatment or even have a good fight with Shizuo...
He's one of the main reasons I love Durarara! also one of the most unique villains I've seen out there.
Well, this is my favorite anime villain, which one is yours? and sorry for the long post...
Who doesn't like a smart troll right? XD
@poojas exactly hes also hilarious to watch lol