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Showing off his CD, JONGHYUN The Collection <Story Op.1>
He starts dancing and singing as soon as the first song starts!
and is so embarrassed, he starts hiding! XD
He sings along and explains some of the songs. It is adorable!
The Song list! He produced the whole album!
Here is the V preview! He is so cute!
The video for "End of a Day." His voice is beautiful!

Do you like it? Are you excited to have mote music by him?

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Gorgeous song. And so are the actors. She might be one of the most beautiful women I've seen in a Kpop video. The man was just too handsome.
@KiKi29 I was sad he wasn't a star in the video but I can't be mad because the actors fit so well and it was beautiful!
hmm pretty good I wonder how the rest will be
@VixenViVi I actually thought it was a good idea that he wasn't in the video. It gave a chance for his vocals to completely shine. The video was like a mini drama to me.
I'm really going to have to listen to this album. I got my sister his other one... -casually forgets the name of it...and suddenly remembers it like someone just smacked me in the back of the head- I got her Base and we played it a lot in the car, even my mom fell in love with it and has her favorite tracks. I really love his work. His passion for music shines so easily. He's precious. ♡