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Showing off his CD, JONGHYUN The Collection <Story Op.1>
He starts dancing and singing as soon as the first song starts!
and is so embarrassed, he starts hiding! XD
He sings along and explains some of the songs. It is adorable!
The Song list! He produced the whole album!
Here is the V preview! He is so cute!
The video for "End of a Day." His voice is beautiful!

Do you like it? Are you excited to have mote music by him?

this was cute! ^●^
God this is beautiful. His voice is so amazing and soothing. I'm so proud of Jonghyun since he is such a hard worker. TvT damn feels... I'm proud of being a Shawol. ugh this reminded me of the talked I had with my friend about SHINee enlisting to the military. Nooo!!!! those 2 yrs will be like an eternity. Like I'm not ready for them to... my babies....
He's just so adorable and I love this song so much!
Why is everyone trying to climb up my bias list these days lol. That video is beautiful!!
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