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Unfortunately there is no mv for this awesome song, but there is a lot of live performances
I believe this song can be loved by anyone, not just GD fans. There is equal division between slow and fast parts. Just listen to it and tell me your reaction.
Tell me your song of the Day. I'm very curious. Don't be shy. :)
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"luv" by A-pink..nothing too heavy or too slow for the early morning lol
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OMG I love this song! But it's kinda about cheating, which annoys me. I first listened to this when my bff was being a b*tch 馃槀
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my songs are bts danger and GD obsession
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@fourstargeneral I just noticed that this song was about cheating馃槕 GD will get a spanking for this lol 馃槃馃槀
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@amobigbang Haha that's the only thing that annoys me! I mean it's a great song, the lyrics just.... xD
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