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Since I have free time before I finish with my chores (I'm avoiding them at the moment), I am going to show you guys my favorite anime openings \ (^.^) / I'm not going to details with all of them, but they each have something that makes me not want to skip them when I watch the shows. Thanks @poojas for this weeks {MM} :)
First off, Naruto Shippuden openings. Majority of the openings with this anime I end up loving, but these were the ones that I fell in love with after the first time I listened to them :) This is one of the anime I watched with my brothers, and the openings were kinda like us saying "I AM WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW!! GET HERE OR WATCH IT ON YOUR OWN!" So within that ~1:30 minute opening, we have to get ourselves ready to watch it (with food, drinks, chairs, etc). The 4th and 13th are probably my top favorites out of all of the Naruto openings.
Guren no Yumiya by Linked Horizon. No matter how many times I re-watch the show (seriously, I want season two ;~; ) I let the opening play fully. The song makes me feel like I can do almost anything (even defeating the titans XD ), so it's like my pump-up song as well. During high school, all my friends would associate me with attack on titan, so sometimes that joke in the picture would appear in my messages.
Next is Monochrome Kiss by SID, Shiver by The Gazette, and Enamel by SID, the Black Butler openings (yes all three of them :P ). I honestly loved each of the openings, can't get enough of them :) it's like I have to listen to them at least once a day or else.
The marathon day with you guys was fun (hope there's another one ^.^) so i'm adding it as well: Tokyo Ghoul: Unravel by TK. Honestly, when Hide died and they played this song in the background I cried ._. Plus I like the lyrics to the song as well ^.^ The way the music has that build-up of intensity before going at it feel(I like that kind of style a lot :) )
Okay I'm going to stop here because I think I procrastinated enough :) .-. I know that this is a lot of openings (Sorry) but I am the indecisive type (my best friend hate this part of me whenever we go out to eat XD ) so I just figured to do most of them.
*None of the pics, gifs, or videos are mine, credits go to their owners :)*
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This is awesome! Dude, I would so use Guren no Yumia as a lullaby. That song is the best. Have you heard the lullaby version? It's Beautiful! Thanks for doing the challenge! :)