What's the first VIXX song you heard??? Mine is VIXX's debut, Super Hero! Now I didn't see it when they actually debuted, but it was the first video and song that I dove into.
N, your hair! Leo is so fresh faced and his hair this short and styled up is just so not how it's been. Ken, you look the same. Love the lips. Ravi, you have definitely gotten manlier and your talented has been refined. Hongbinie, your hair. Hyuk is a baby.
Anyway! This is about the song. Now I don't know if it's just because it's the first song I heard by VIXX, but I adore this one. I know it's not as crafted and talent driven as other songs but I love it. And the chorus is the catchy.
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The chorus is SOOOOO good!!!! I'm glad this was your first song too hehe