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Nabi looked down at her phone making sure she was walking in the right direction. Her phone said she was only a few feet from where she needed to be. She saw the steps to where she was and strolled up them. Today was a little colder than it had been this autumn so she had a jacket and scarf along with her beanie. She looked at the message one more time and then to the numbers on the door before ringing the bell. She heard the buzzer sound and she went in the door and up the small walk way to the front door. As she reached the inner door it opened and she was greeted by the smell of cookie food. “You’re just in time. I just finished cooking.” Jin smiled warmly at her and helped her inside before unwrapping her scarf and taking her jacket. He knelt down getting out a pair of house slippers as she takes off her shoes. “Thank you oppa, you don’t have to do so much you know.” She was blushing a little as he was putting the slippers on her feet. She wondered if this is how Cinderella felt. “It’s fine I don’t mind.” Jin stood strait and leaned in close to her. “You look cute when you blush princess.” That made her completely loose it her face turning super red and she hit his chest. He just laughed at how flustered she got. “Come on let’s go eat.” He lead her to the dining room where he had already started putting out food. He went to the kitchen and brought out the rest of the food. It looked so good did he really cook all this himself. She sat down on one side of the table and waited till he sat down. He motioned for her to eat first so she picked up some meat and added it to her rice before eating it. Once it was in her mouth he started eating as well. “Here try this.” He picked up a meatball with his chopsticks and held it out to her. She leaned forward eating a piece of it and skilled. “It’s really good.” He put the other half in his mouth and ate it. “I’m glad you like it. I was working on this all afternoon.” That surprised her that we would take so much time to feed her. After they were done eating they decided to play a game of Mario Cart. Nabi wasn’t very good but she tried her best to win. She pouted after loosing the 6th race in a row. “I’m so no good at this.” She looked at him pouting more. He put a finger on her nose making her smile a little. “Then we can watch a movie. I was even trying to let you win but its hard to without being obvious.” She puffed her cheeks out and put the controller on the table. He turned off the game and chose a movie to watch. He came back to the couch and sat in the corner stretching out a bit before pulling her closer so she can get comfortable. She rested her head on his chest before he wrapped his arms around her. She smiled to herself as they watched the movie. At some point she didn’t realize but she drifted off to sleep feeling so safe in his arms.
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should I make ofshots? @ILikeHisFace123 @JessAS
awwwh this is really cute! is there a part 2 or no? :o
not yet I need to write it