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In August we lost horror maestro Wes Craven, but he will not be forgotten.

Craven bought us Scream and the 1984 classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. While Craven has introduced us to a boatload of talented actors, one of the most successful actors he bought to the big screen was Johnny Depp.
Apparently Depp hasn't forgotten who opened the first door for him in the movie world, and had a couple special words for Craven this week.
In a Q&A at a screening of his new film Black Mass on Monday night during the TIFF, and he had nothing but kind words for the late auteur.
"Wes Craven was the guy who gave me my start, from my perspective, for almost no reason in particular. I read scenes with his daughter when I auditioned for the part. At the time, I was a musician. I wasn’t really acting. It was not anything very near to my brain or my heart, which is pretty much how it remains to this day."
Depp has since racked up 70 credits on the big screen.
Even though he has seen great success in his career, it's great to see he has remained grounded and took time out to honor the guy who opened the door for him.

RIP Wes, one of the truly great directors of this era.

@paulisaverage would like this...because Johnny Depp ;)
I like that Depp took this time to speak about Craven. I think it speaks to his character as a man to be able to talk about how the guy gave him his leg up.