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So apparently, Shaquille O'Neal, one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history once told Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz,

"Black people don't drink coffee."

This was after Schultz offered Shaq a deal to get involved with the giant coffee chain. During their meeting, Howard said,
"Shaq, I want to give you the opportunity to go in with me and open up these Starbucks franchises in African-American communities."
However, Shaq did not share the same vision that Schultz had and told him,
"Black people don't drink coffee. I don't think it's gonna work."

He also added he cannot forget Schultz's face when he told him that.

Shaq said that this was the worst business decision that he has ever made.

Well, at least he and Schultz are still good friends!
I drink coffee like 4 times a day. I'm pretty black. lol
Lol. At least he can clearly see today how stupid a decision he made. Smh.
@nikkinjg when I drink coffee, it's usually legit Cuban cafes. The term "African-American" can often be used loosely, but my guess is that Howard just meant any community with a high number of black people in it...
Hahahaha @mchlyang good point. I'm about 20 inches and $250 million short...
@mchlyang exactly. Shaq has a master's degree in business. he's not one to make too many bad moves business-wise.
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