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Thank you for tagging me in this challenge @RosePark ^^ so my favorite villain is...
Yes, Sesshomaru ^^ he's cool, caring (even though he doesn't show it), and he's a good looking demon cx but I have more...
Aizen! ^^ he is also cool and he's powerful with a bonus of intelligence :D and the video is like 5 minutes long but I couldn't find a good video but this one shows the epic fight scenes!!! (/^▽^)/
Itachi as well! He's the strong silent type that some girls like but he's one of my favorites too cx
I'm leaving these three because my list goes on and on (like the song from VIXX) haha so hopefully I did well (≧∇≦)/
these are awesome picks! I thought Aizen was the greatest villain in the entire series. he really brought Ichigo to his maximum potential
Lol @ Itachi! Awesome card!
@BluBear07 exactly!! ^^ xD
I love each and every one! You really want to hate them but then they fight and ur like 😍😍😍
@littlemaryk thank you ^^
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