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Today's Word or Phrase is: "Chonga"

This word is similar to the word "chola." If you're from the west, you might know what that is. It's usually not used in a positive way to describe or identify someone. It's mostly used to describe a low-class Latina in south Florida. Although, some latinas are reclaiming that word to make it part of their identity -- a positive one. It's often described a woman with a certain "cheap" look, who uses Sharpies (or it's joked that way) for makeup, obsessed with reggaeton, loves big-hooped earrings, and liquid eyeliner.
I personally like reggaeton and liquid eye-liner, so I totally must be like half chonga ;)

Examples of How to Use the Word:

"Bro, did you see Ingrid last night at Space? Super chonga! She had these earring as big as my head with her boyfriends name in it!"
"Caro saw Jazmine using a glue stick for her baby hairs. How chonga! What is her lifee, though?!
"Broooo I saw Giovanna at the Calle Ocho parade yesterday. She was all chonga out -- I pretty much saw her culo with those low-cut jeans. And like...she smelled like a Sharpie marker!"
Wanna see more things like this, be sure to visit the Latino community!
lmaaao. I definitely knew girls in high school who woulda fit this description. Like, big ass hoops with their name in them type shit
Growing up in NY, we said "chicken head". It's the same as Chonga.
Chola is DEFINITELY more used, but I've heard chonga from time to time too lol. Usually when Latina friends are making fun of themselves or other girls.
"Chonga" is also used in California!? I thought it was just a Miami thing! @danidee
Omg, I've heard of 'chongas' in Los Angeles, but 'chola' is definitely the preferred LA slang lol.
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