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When you think of Halloween, I bet you think black, orange and purple. For this alternative, beachy take on the holiday, Alisa Burke shows how to create the same (or similar) look with just a couple materials. The key is imagination.

Supplies Needed:

white acrylic paint
pastel acrylic paint (in your favorite colors)
dimensional fabric paint
Begin with a few different sizes of pumpkins.
Paint them with a base coat of white acrylic paint.
Let dry completely.
Apply a layer of colored acrylic paint and let dry completely.
From the top, begin repeating a pattern of dimensional paint all the way around.
With a toothpick, scratch the surface of the paint to scrape it away--leaving the color of the pumpkin to show through. Don't dig into the flesh of the pumpkin, however.
Do this process with all of your pumpkins, alternating the design and paint colors for each.
I love the beauty and texture of these pumpkins. What do you think of these? Are these seasonal winners in your book? I will be sharing more pumpkin ideas to make this year's Halloween season a bit different than last year!
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