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If Kanye runs in 2020, he has the perfect ally: Hilary Clinton.

Looking to deliver some wise words for the future presidential candidate, Clinton places focus on the importance of having one item at your disposal: comfortable shoes.
Clinton appeared on an episode of Extra and Kanye West’s presidential bid for 2020 came up.
”Well, if I’m going for my second term, to wait four years, but if I’m not … be sure he has comfortable shoes because there’s a lot of walking involved,” she said during the interview.
Pretty cool, right?
Hilary is the best!

Like her husband, Hilary has done a great job at connecting with the youth. What better way to link with young people than West?

Who knows, maybe in 2020 Kanye and Clinton could link on the same ticket!
Hahaha oh Hillary. She’s so funny! Do you think Kanye is actually going to do it?!
I really do hope Kanye is not serious about running for president....with Trump these days, I'm beginning to feel as if politics today is becoming more of a showcase...
But yes, I agree with you on that Hillary is doing a pretty good job in connecting with the younger generation!
@nicolejb God, I hope not...