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Thank you @RosePark for this Twisted Thursday challenge, this one is really fun! I chose Dren from Tokyo Mew Mew because he's a cool, funny, alien and not so scary villain. Yes, he's a villain he is the villain in this anime alongside two other villains. His personality isn't that of a villain but I love this character so much!!!
Dren is a very funny person as you can see if you watch this little video that points out some of those things. He isn't really bad but hates humans, but also has a little crush on the main character Zoey. He picks on her a lot. Dren is the enemy but saves the Mews (magical girls) sometimes. He's a super fun guy in this show, he makes it very interesting.
He goes as far as kisses Zoey the 1st time he meets her, to pick on her. He always tries to destroy humans and earth itself, but the Mews constantly stop him. Therefore these are my reasons for why he is my favorite anime villain! >...<
Oddly enough, he seems like an adorable villain lol
@RosePark He is very interesting! @poojas He is really adorable, a lot of people ship him with the main character rather than the main guy!
He looks like a nice villain xD a very interesting one I must say~