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Death note was the first ever anime that I watched, I was so in love with it because it was so amazing! I was crazy for L he is so smart and mysteries. I felt like he already knew who the person behind all the murders were from the beginning. light was so innocent and just wanted to make the world a better place but in the end it was all about getting what he wanted and killing who he wanted.... I found that such an amazing transition to the anime.
I tried watching the live movie but I just didn't find it interesting. I did love the way they made ryuk look. he is soooo adorable with his obsession with apples!!! the man playing lights character looks familiar... I think he is from the live action movie of attack on titan but I don't know which one. either Armin or eren
I was in lights corner all the way until he lost his composer and started acted like a psycho jeez I can't follow someone like that
This is one of the best animes out there. @poojas is deeply in love with L, just an FYI. XD
@Sarahwifi I really want to watch it when it comes out near me! But both my anime-fan friends were like noooo! lol They saw a little bit of it online. I don't know what to do lol
what!? actually I can understand that a little. it's not bad, I personal loved it because the titans looked hella cool. but there was some parts that were kinda off and that I didn't like that much... I wouldn't say it was really bad though
haha I didn't know that! L is pretty amazing though, so I get it馃槃
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