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Cute! i have been dying to do a rope mat (of some sort) that was cute and whimsical for some time now. I kept putting it off because I just wasn't really inspired by anything. That was, until I discovered this cute idea by Alisa Burke!

Supplies Needed:

clothesline rope
spray bottle (optional)
acrylic paint (optional)
sewing machine and thread
denim needle (for sewing machine)
If you plan to add some color dimension to this, you want to fill the bottle with half water and half acrylic paint. Give it a shake and spray onto your rope before you begin. Let it dry well before you go further.
Using the zig-zag stitch function on your machine, stitch the coiled rope together in circles.
Sew your rope coils in different sizes. This is what makes it cute and whimsical.
Once your circles are made, begin stitching the circles to each other using the same stitch technique.
This is what you're left with. A beautiful, fun, cute and whimsical entry door mat that everyone is going to love!
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