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LOVE turquoise! Who's with me on this kind of jewelry? I think it's the color, most of all, that I love so much. And it's different patterns. What's your favorite stone or jewelry to wear and/or make?!

Supplies Needed:

lightweight smooth rocks
black and turquoise nail polish
plastic tray
disposable fork
Fill the bowl with water, adding s few drops of the nail polishes at the end.
Swirl them gently with a fork and dunk the rocks to pick up the faux finish.
TIP: Dip rocks quickly!
Once your rocks are dried completely, this is what they will look like.
Using E6000 adhesive, simply attach the faux turquoise to craft jewelry rings that you can find at Hobby Lobby or Michael's (in the jewelry section).
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no, trust me. i am obsessed! this is amazing @DaniaChicago
My obsession too, plus crafting with tote bags and sparkly crystals...so many!!
I'm so glad I am not the only one who loves turquoise! <3 Thank you @falcon4daisy and @jordanhamilton
love this idea!!!
So cool!! :)