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Baseball Interview Shenanigans!
Baseball players are a lot of fun to be around, especially during post game interviews!

Well, these baseball players from the University of Cincinnati took the post game interviews to a whole new level.

1. The Backstroke

2. The Duel

3. The Freestyle

4. The King's Parade

5. The Christopher Columbus

6. The Barbecue

So Vinglers, what was your favorite post game interview shenanigan?

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Bahahaah, the King's Parade is easily my favorite. The player playing the king was totally in character. @InPlainSight did you see these yet??
@ButterflyBlu Yes! That must be their pre-game routine....also I love how the reporter seems so nonchalant.
@danidee My personal favorite was The Barbecue. Where the hell did they get a log? These guys are so well prepared....
@mchlyang Yeah that one was creative too lol. And I JUST realized that the duel guys are riding other players' backs. Oh man, that one's like Medieval Times.