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Mac Miller has been everywhere spreading the word about his upcoming album.
Yesterday, the Pittsburgh native made an appearance on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. While his album was the focus of his album, the emcee took time out to share his thoughts on politics.
One of the hot topics was his "good friend" Donald Trump, and Mac has some choice words for the Republican party candidate.
“He’s like a struggling rapper on Twitter,” said Miller, who had a spat with Trump when the song named after him caught the Apprentice star’s ire.
“It’s like, ‘Let me just make fun of everybody, and then retweet all the nice things people say.’” He also went on to say that Trump’s sustained popularity says something “scary about America.”
Mac is spot on with this one.

It's pretty odd to see someone who is blatantly racist actually hold a firm lead as the republican rep as president.

Something has to change, don't you think?