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Have you ever heard of shrink plastic that you can do-yourself?! I have been to every craft store known to man. I have lived down every aisle. I've combed through online stores and sifted through industrial shops... Yet, I have NEVER in all lmy life come across this miraculous material! You can find it at Blick and elsewhere too, I'm sure.

Supplies Needed:

Shrink Plastic
A working oven
Sharpies (colored and/or black)
As easy as 1-2-3, you draw out your design onto the plastic film.
Next, you bake it according to the instructions.
And since it's scalding hot, you can shape it into a bowl by placing over another object like a glass or another bowl.
TIP: Keep in mind that your design is going to shrink about 50% before you start drawing!
I feel like I have a million new projects to tackle because of this new art form! Why didn't anybody tell me about this cool stuff?!?!?!
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