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In case you weren't too sure what those letters were in the picture, it was my artistic approach to saying the title of this card, which is, Scrap Art Necklace! As an avid DIYer, I have tons of scraps all over. I bet you do too.
Since that's the case, and we know it's true, here's a cute and fun way to repurpose those scraps and turn them into a cute art and statement necklace!

Supplies Needed:

strips of scraps (fabric, paper, whatever)
fabric glue
stretch cord
Cut your strips into about 1 inch wide pieces. You can alternate and make strips that are more narrow and wider. Up to you. The point is to make it chunky and different in sizes.
Using a toothpick, roll the material (whether it's paper or fabric) around the toothpick. Glue the material to itself--NOT THE TOOTHPICK.
Once your beads have dried thoroughly, and you have tons of these, you can mix these with your other beads that you have laying around to create a cute necklace. Thread them together using stretch cord.
Multi-stranded necklaces, like what you see in the first picture are what create a lot of dimension and color and flair! I love this so much! I wish I had thought of Alisa Burke's idea, here!