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Hi everyone! @JPBenedetto, @nicolejb and I were talking about how awesome Germany is, so I wanted to make a card where we can reminisce and talk about the times we've spent in this super cool country!! So feel free to jump in if you've ever traveled or lived in Germany. We want to hear everyone's stories :)
So to kick off the discussion, here are a few questions!
1) What's your favorite memory of Germany?
2) What's your favorite German food? (Yum!! Too many to choose from! Lol)
3) What's the best German city to visit?
Yay!! Can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts :)
I was first at Baumholder and then Schweinfurt. @nicolejb
I lived in Germany 1999-2002 (3 different bases) and then 2009-2011 in Stuttgart! That’s so crazy we might’ve overlapped @DocLee
@nicolejb yup I'm a military kid. It was a fun time!!! When where you there? I was there 1996-1999 and 2006-2009
1) What's your favorite memory of Germany? I was once at a Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) in a small little town near Stuttgart. They had one of the best ones because it’s a combo of Christmas theme and medieval/fairytale. They had a huge parade of elves and dwarves and giants come through and mess with everyone. the market also had entertainment all evening. I sipped my gluhwein and felt like I was in a magical kingdom. 2) What's your favorite German food? SO MANY. haha. I love Oktober Fest food. Beer and brats and schnitzel. But I also love German bakeries. My favorite this to order is laugenstange mit käse. (cheese bread) 3) What's the best German city to visit? Stuttgart! <3 But I also have Berlin and the castle in Hohenzollern (not as well known as Neuschwanstein)
1) I got to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. The inspiration for Cinderella. It's in the forest on the top of the hill. It has secluded walk ways. 2) I loved jäger schnitzel and spaghetti ice. 3) Munich. It is where Oktoberfest is located. It is a lot of fun and family friendly at certain times. There is games and tents where you can get food or drinks. They have pretzels the size of your head.
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