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Woman's Honest Portraits Show What Major Weight Loss Really Looks Like
So this is my first card. It's really just something I wanted to share. I also wonder about the emotional state of those who experience major weight loss. In one of my classes in college my teacher talked of her thesis which was on depression and mental unstability among gastric bypass patients resulting from their major weight loss. It was nice to read that there is an artist touch to the issue. Her photos shows an honest portrait of her journey. Have a look at the article and look up her collection, it's really provoking and poignant...I relate as I'm sure many who faced huge weight loss...even those who don't...can too.
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Wow @ButterflyBlu thank you so much for sharing this. I'm glad you were able to dance again. I feel like there's something really important about finding ways to express yourself. That feeling you described really says it all: it's freeing. And you're so right, people can be cruel to one another, but often we can be even crueler to ourselves. <3 I think when it comes to weight, people can be especially aggressive because there's so little information and truth out there about it. Like @alywoah said, it's not healthy to obsess about weight and not eat, but often that's what people feel like they have to do, in order to fit a definition of "healthy" that might not actually be their definition. I actually had no idea narcolepsy had such an effect on your metabolism. There's no one size fits all for health, and I don't think our culture reflects that right now. Whether you lose weight or don't, the emphasis should always be on your health and your self-worth. If those are suffering, those should be the priority
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@candyland1986 @ButterflyBlu you're so right about stretch marks. they're like scars, they're indicators of where you've been and how far you've come
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@shannonl5 @candyland1986 Thank you both. :) Today I'm able to look in the mirror and realize that those scars gave me a son, the only link I have to my husband. I wouldn't trade them, or him, for anything. I definitely think I'm stronger for it, too. And you're right, Shannon. There is no one size fits all for health, but so many people seem to think there is. It's ignorant to assume you know WHY someone weighs what they do or how they can lose it.
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@ButterflyBlu I'd love to see that comment in a card. I think a lot of people would benefit from it!
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Wow, @TessStevens. Thank you. I will consider doing that. :)
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