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HELLLLOOOO! Sorry I've been so inactive, homework yaknow? BUT I'M HERRRE! @RosePark's challenge is gonna be answered! :) So favorite anime villain? Why yes, thank you dear..
Medusa!!! One of the most badass villains I know! (even when she's just a kid) Its no mystery, if you watch Soul Eater, that Medusa does..
And this. Truth is when I saw her and Stein together, I was fangirling so hard to acknowledge the fact she's mercyless. ♡ ya amazing peeps!
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Nice! she seems OP lol For a second there I thought it was a character from Fairy Tail xD Love it
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Ahhh, I miss my Soul Eater days. And lol at the title (Please tell me it's a Tangled reference)!
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I loved Medusa. She was so brutal and strong, and just a dope series of fights all around.
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@RosePark Lol, the animation does look alike. @poojas Yepp! ;) @VinMcCarthy Don't forget the fact thay she was adorable as a kid.
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