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It airs 11 PM on Monday & Tuesday, exactly on the 4th of february. See you then everyone ^.^ Let's see what will happen to them. *Indonesian live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/106666 *Vietnamese live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/105820 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -Characters- Godokmi (DM) Kkekeum(KK) Ohjinrak(JL) Chadohae(DH) Yoodonghoon(YDH) Let's start ! SY: i'm going to go abroad Spain with KK. Would you like to go with me? TJ: Good bye. He left with his car. KK scold her the way to say good bye. SY: Okay...Did I do well?... After she is going, DM talks with KK. DM: Please be with her, she will have hard time... KK gets angry because she conceal her mind. KK: Please say anything like sometimes you remind me or sometimes i miss you even it is a lie. DM: Sometimes...you remind me ..is it right? -KK HOME- SY: Hey KK, Is that she right ? someone who makes you as a trash, is she right? KK: ....Hurry to go. The middle aged man request her to participate the party. DH pretends to be friendly with DM. People around DM asks about KK who is energetic and moodmaker. At that time, KK comes out. KK: Hey everyone. i have a plan to go Spain a few days later. so i came here to say good bye ㅜnㅜ KK offers DM wine like Hurry hurry hurry hurry up up up. (Cute Kkekeum ^.^) maybe DM is drunken... After the meeting, they go to the singing room with KK's charming. KK: Hey AJUMMA(DM) Please please sing for me sing sing sing for me for me for me. JL asks DH that how did you know my real name? you changed your face? or serious diet? i can't remember DH: Maybe it is...destiny? She tries to kiss with JL....at that time, KK sees that scene. KK asks a favor that please bring her to the outside. She has been changed a lot...like cooking and coming to the singing room. JL thinks you overreacted..i will bring her to the outside with my sincere heart. Hurry up to go Spain. KK VS JL with the song. On the way home, DH tells KK that DM likes you. KK persuades to forgive her love to JL. On the other hand, JL and DM are hanging around. JL express her love shly. JL: I just want to be with you for a long...the only thing that i want..is you just stay there like this. KK talks to himself ...looking DM's picture. KK: You drink so much! At the conference, KK tries to find the reason that he has to stay in Korea but everything is fine.... DH hatches a plot..(i don't know exactly but...it is related to the party) Before leaving, KK drops by JL's house they go out to buy lunch together. DM gets a message from DH. DH: Please DM, I really want to be friendly with you. Today i have a party plan..would you like to join with me..please my friend DM. it reminds her present memories with her. At night, DM works hard. Meanwhile, KK prepares to leave and JL helps it....not actively.. SY: It's time to go KK! KK's letter. At 9 am in the morning, open the window and watch our floor! There is a dice there, follow what the dice comes out! But it is already over..he left When she open the window..there is nothing. SY: Hey KK, Why don't you get on the car? KK: uh? ...yes.. You know that yesterday KK makes something! It is a map for DM..If she throw the dice, there is a mission like have a party with friends or go to Han river riding a bike. ( Oh..really impressive) The director of cartoon calls JL to come here. She gets really angry...JL and his friend says i think she is little strange.... JL: Could we go back to home until 5 right..? At the airport. SY says about DH who has a plan to hold a party...but something doesn't smell right...it seems like she doens't like DM....after hearing this, KK seems serious.. At that time, a girl comes out. oh i remember it is a girl who comes out at the food store. Anyway DM decides to participate DH's party. but there is someone who is waiting for her.. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish ^.^ Actually this is first time to do a live recap for flower boy next door ...so there is a lot of mistake...here... try to understand me ...today something wrong happens on my computer also...anyway next time i will do better and better and best ^.^ see you later guys ~
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Ahhhhhhhh so sexy
nooo... looks like DH has planned something something evil to DM... DM run!! how could she says she's friend with DM, when all she does is always hurting DM... -cry- @minyk2002 its okay... having you doing live recap of this drama is a blessing to me... its so difficult to find live streaming for this drama, not like ordinary non-cable drama...
xredbutterflyx yes i find the wrong thank you for your correcting.
dipeh wow come here ^.^
fattyaaaa i'm still waiting...it's too late ㅜnㅜ
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