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MADTOWN Dating Game Part 1 Results: πŸ’–
Okay!! So now comes the results. If you're just starting with us, click here for part 1: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1048302

Alright, let's get started!!
Door 1:
..Is Jota!!

He is one of my biases!!
Door 2:
...Is Moos!!
Door 3:
...Is HeoJun!!
Door 4:
...Is DaeWon!!
Door 5:
...Is H.O!!!

He is my wrecker!!
Door 6:
...Is Buffy!!
Door 7:
...Is LeeGeon!!

*Fun Fact*
Bias...that is all!!

Aren't they just dreamy?!?!

I will leave these here for you to Jam too, plus I am in love with LeeGeon's Cover... Just let your ears hear that blessing... You're Welcome!!

So, leave a comment who you got, and the next section will be up soon!! πŸ’–

I do not own the material used..

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