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14. List your favorite 5 songs and why
Day 14 out of 30 I feel like I'm behind, but that's okay ^ω^ Anyways......
1. From Now on, You're mine I love this song so much!!!. The way the song is composed makes me feel loved! it makes me feel happier and more importantly loving! It's a feel Good song
2. Beautiful Killer I feel tough. like a Queen. This song is definitely catchy! And Ravi's rap though!
3. On & On The choreography is super awesome!!! I love the whole space thing going on XD
4. Say U, Say Me ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Let's talk about how Good they sing....especially in this song!! Absolutely gorgeous!
5. Superhero This song makes me want to get up and dance!! I want to wear bright color clothes and sing as high as Leo. but I don't look good in bright colors and I can't sing... Σ( ° △ °)
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Say U Say Me! That song is the jam! And love All your choices, and somehow you picked like the most heart eyes pictures ever. Although, it's VIXX so they are all heart eyes.
Wahhh all of these are awesome <3 <3 I really love From Now on, You're mine too!! It seems like they love it too because they're always using it for the finale of their concerts when they go abroad I think hahahah