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Any chance you get, stop and smell the roses, the lavender, whatever captures you and is a big fresh breath of life! Shot this on my phone down the road from my mom's house on an ordinary day. Was dressed in a suit with heels and climbed the fence to get the view I wanted. The title is a new favorite quote from a movie that captured me recently Moving and real, and painfully connected to nature and the strength of the human spirit. Find the best in yourself and the world around you!
This is so important. I have to tell myself this daily! Thank you for the beautiful picture too!
I ride by this field on my bicycle every day!
@JonPatrickHyde I know you live close there, isn't it great!!! What a wonderful place to ride!
You're welcome @TessStevens! And I have to remind myself of the same. It's amazing sometimes how the little things can affect us so much.