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ICYMI: A ninth grade student brought in a home-made electronic clock to show his teacher. It rang in this english class, and the school officials assumed it was a bomb, and arrested the kid.

That’s right: a kid was arrested for making a clock.

The real issue here? This arrest draws on racism and Islamophobia. Because the kids name is Ahmed Mohamed, his teachers and principle assuming IS discrimination.
But it’s never ok to assume something because of someones race or ethnic background.
And more people have shown their support with #IStandWithAhmed
Scientists and teachers spoke out against this injustice, expressing shock and outrage. Saying things like:

"Kids who take pride in their nerdy work should be cherished and nurtured, not cuffed and interrogated. We need to do better.”

Even President Obama showed his support to Ahmed:
What’s next for Ahmed? He’s going to the White House... and then transferring schools.
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I"m glad that everything has been dropped--I can understand the teacher who first saw the clock being confused and maybe asking some more teachers to take a look at it, but to call the cops? And then for the cops to say they were thinking about charging for a "bomb hoax?" Totally ridiculous. I can't believe things like this are real.
Completely ridiculous! @hikaymm they didn’t even consider his explanation. @esha I’m sorry this happens to you :( it’s clearly wrong, and I hope we are able to fix this idea of muslims in our country. I think Obama has the right idea by leading by example @InPlainSight
@nicolejb For sure :(
Yes. This whole incident was obnoxious. Also I'm glad Mark Zuckerberg invited the boy to Facebook headquarters.......
I saw that! I want to mee this kid too! I hope he becomes an awesome scientist or engineer some day! @mchylang