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Does Ragnarok need stronger design choices to make it a success?

While Thor 2 wasn't as well-received critically as some of the other Marvel films, it was by no measure a failure. It made millions of dollars for the studio, and while the story might have been overshadowed by some of the other Phase 2 films, there were a few strong moments that made it entertaining (if not an overwhelming favorite). Barring any extreme PR issues or financial meltdowns, there's no reason to think the follow-up will tank. The momentum from the other films alone should guarantee moderate (by Marvel standards) success.
Today Forbes is asserting that director Guillermo del Toro would be a great fit for the final film in the Thor trilogy.

Yeah, the guy responsible for THAT nightmare fuel.

Ragnarok is a really epic story arc in the comics, and there's a lot they can do with it. We've seen a bit of Asguard and the other realms, but they didn't leave a very strong impression. Del Toro's skill as a designer (and the audience pull his name has) could potentially elevate Thor 3. Instead of being 'just another Marvel movie', it could become THE Phase 3 film.
Plus, we'd be 10x more likely to see Loki turn into a horse.
but it would be best, probably, if it was Tommy Wiseau.
I would love to see Del Toro do it, though he is currently involved in some other projects. Other than him, though, I'd like to see Kathryn Bigelow or maybe even Ridley Scott.
@DanRodriguez The Wachowskis would do an AMAZING job, you're totally right! I know they're working on Sense8 with Netflix but this could fit into their schedule
Del Toro? Hmmm. I do love his work. The Wachowskis would fit pretty nice, too!