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Oz the Great and Powerful

Release Date: March 8, 2013 Starring: James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis, and Michelle Williams
Me too!!! It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun and it has such a good cast.
i wanna watch watch watch watch!!!!!
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The So 70's Clothes of That 70's Show
That 70's Show was a pretty underrated sitcom set in the 70's full of laughs, love, and just enough drug use. The portrayal of teen life in the late 70's was pretty on-point, and also fairly understated, and the clothes the characters wore was just right. The suburban setting and awkward teens-verging-on-adulthood age means that the fashion on the show was full of paisley polyester and mood rings. Unsurprisingly, Jackie has the best fashion sense and teaches us the highs of dressing in the 70's. Here are some of the best super-70's looks featured on the show. Jackie and Donna demonstrate sweater vests and turtlenecks made cool. Who ever thought they would see teens rocking these layered grandpa styles? Only in the 70's. Jackie's shag and faux fur jackets were all the rage in the 70's, and keep making comebacks. She also had those bombshell waves going on, complete with a middle part. Donna was queen of the peasant blouse. While this style isn't my favorite, she rocked it like a pro, with the help of with mini braids in her hair. Not only is Jackie's top the most 70's a floral print can get, but the addition of layered denim over it takes the look to another level. Laurie's shirt looks so perfectly retro against that couch (and that afghan), it's insane. Her shirt may be beyond washed out and dowdy, but that Farrah Fawcett blowout makes it work. Kelso's layered prints and Jackie's shag trim on her jacket make them the most fashionable pairing on the show. Brb, going to get a puffer vest. Finally, the gang reminds us of the importance of ensemble dressing. Jackie and Donna might be rocking 70's style in every episode (shout-out to Donna's kerchief), but they would never look so cool without guys in printed button-down shirts surrounding them, and a so 70's living room to hang out in.
Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia
Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia Perhaps the most renowned American celebrity of the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe keeps on being a famous figure. She entered the entertainment world as a contract actor for twentieth Century Fox. In 1953, Monroe had a leap forward with the melodic satire film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. She stayed an unmistakable well-known person until the finish of her life. The forthcoming Merry Marilyn Online Only Auction, introduced by Julien's Auctions, will offer more than 200 heaps of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Among the main things is a vaporized material artwork from Pure Evil finished in 2015. The piece shows Monroe against a pink background with a rehashed engraving that peruses "Dusk Strip." With the utilization of pop print tones, the craftsman causes them to notice her thick eyelashes, red lipstick, and light hair. The presale gauge for the piece is USD 1,000 to $2,000. Usually, the fans eagerly wait for the Marilyn Monroe memorabilia auction. Unadulterated Evil, otherwise called Charles Uzzell Edwards, is vigorously impacted by the Pop Art development. Frequently remarking on the ills of VIP culture, his work fixates on "damned" female symbols, from Marilyn Monroe to Sharon Tate. Summing up his aim, he once said, “I’m not really interested in being subtle. I want to make people look; I welcome the conflict.” Self-educated photographic artist Bert Stern shifted the direction of style photography by making pictures that didn't require any content to pass on profundity. He pushed the constraints of customary likeness, building up another fierce style for the twentieth century. Harsh generally accentuated the subject's feelings. The impending Marilyn Monroe memorabilia closeout will introduce a photobook ordered by Stern (gauge: $400 – $600). Named Marilyn Monroe: The Complete Last Sitting, the photobook offers a brief look at Monroe's life only weeks before her unfavorable passing. For more such informative data one can explore Marilyn Monroe auction and know all about her. Harsh held the photoshoot in 1962 for Vogue, setting Monroe in a unique climate. During the three-day photoshoot, he endeavored to catch her "substance" in more than 2,600 pictures, of which just 20 were distributed by Vogue. The excess photos were incorporated into a photobook and distributed in 1992. A version of The Complete Last Sitting additionally came to sell in 2019. Bert Stern Productions, Inc. depicted its importance: "The pictures it delivered project a frequenting, practically illusory quality, not at all like any photos at any point taken of the celebrity." We should Make Love was chief George Cukor's interpretation of melodic parody. In 1960, the film delivered to blended audits, however, is currently viewed as a significant piece of Monroe's heritage. Coming to sell as a component of the live occasion is a unique content of the film Lets Make Love (gauge: $400 – $600). The film recounts the narrative of a French very rich person, Jean-Marc Clement, who comes to understand his Casanova notoriety is being criticized in a Broadway melodic. He later winds up enchanted by the main entertainer, Amanda Dell (Marilyn Monroe). Monroe had gotten one of twentieth Century-Fox's greatest stars, however, her agreement had not changed since 1950, implying that she was paid definitely not exactly different stars of her height and couldn't pick her activities. Her endeavors to show up in films that would not zero in on her as a dream come true had been defeated by the studio head chief, Darryll F. Zanuck, who had a solid individual abhorrence of her and didn't figure she would procure the studio as much income in different sorts of jobs. Under tension from the studio's proprietor, Spyros Skouras, Zanuck had additionally concluded that Fox should zero in only on diversion to amplify benefits and dropped the creation of any 'genuine films'.[In January 1954, he suspended Monroe when she would not start shooting one more melodic satire, The Girl in Pink Tights. This was headline news, and Monroe promptly made a move to counter bad exposure. On January 14, she and Joe DiMaggio were hitched at the San Francisco City Hall. They at that point headed out to Japan, consolidating a vacation with his excursion for work. From Tokyo, she headed out alone to Korea, where she took an interest in a USO show, singing melodies from her movies for more than 60,000 U.S. Marines over a four-day time frame. Subsequent to getting back to the U.S., she was granted Photoplay's "Most Popular Female Star" prize. Monroe settled with Fox in March, with the guarantee of another agreement, a reward of $100,000, and a featuring part in the film variation of the Broadway achievement The Seven Year Itch. Media Source: AuctionDaily
Cómo ligar con Mila Kunis en una entrevista!
La actriz y un reportero británico están a punto de convertir una entrevista promocional de 'Oz, un mundo de fantasía' en una versión real de 'Notting Hill!!!jajajaj El reportero Chris Stark de la cadena BBC Radio 1 acude a su entrevista con Mila Kunis con motivo de Oz, un mundo de fantasía algo nervioso ("estoy petrificado; es la primera vez que hago esto", dice) y, tras una primera pregunta, empieza a liar a la actriz en una ligera y torpona conversación sobre sobre bebidas, fútbol y cerveza. Les dejo el video con la traduccion:) 00:43 MILA KUNIS: ¿Qué es lo que te asusta de todo esto? CHRIS STARK: Bueno, estoy hablando con... ya sabes. Hay cámaras por todos lados, mucha gente... Todos están sonriendo y eso, así que está bien. Pero es un ambiente algo antinatural para mí, que estoy más acostumbrado al pub de mi barrio, con los colegas. MK: Pues esto es lo mismo. CS: No puedo esperar a contarles esto. No lo van a entender. Todos tienen trabajos normales y yo he entrevistado a Mila Kunis; va a ser difícil de creer. Espero ganar muchos puntos. MK: ¿De verdad? ¿Crees que te invitarán a una ronda? CS: ¡Eso espero! MK: Yo también, tío. Estás haciendo un trabajo fantástico. Espero que consigas una ronda de... ¿qué te gusta? ¿El whisky? CS: Mmm... las jägerbombs [chupito de Jägermeister dentro de una cerveza]. MK: ¡¿Jägerbombs?! ¡Eso es asqueroso! CS: Bueno, nos hemos inventado una bebida que llamamos ladbombs. Consiste en meter un chupito de Jägermesiter en un vodka doble con Red Bull. MK: ¡Oh, Dios mío! Eso suenta como la peor bebida de la historia. CS: ¿Quieres...? Bueno, podrías venir con nosotros. MK: ¿Dónde está el pub? (...) Ok. Hoy no podría porque me encuentro mortalmente mal, pero puede que algún día vaya si me invitas a una... ¿cómo lo has llamado? CS: Ladbomb. [Chris empieza a hablar de los nombres de sus amigos hasta que se da cuenta de que debería volver a las preguntas] 02:18 MK: ¿Por qué? ¡Esto es muchísimo más divertido para mí! ¡Por favor! CS: ¿Has ido alguna vez a un partido de fútbol? MK: ¿Por fútbol te refieres al soccer? CS: Sí, pero aquí no lo llamamos así. MK: No, tienes razón. Era para aclarar a mi yo norteamericana. No, no he estado nunca en uno. Pero tengo previsto ir a Brasil el año que viene. CS: Bueno, yo soy seguidor del equipo de mi ciudad. El Watford F.C. No tienen muchos fans... MK: ¿No deberías darme una camiseta? CS: ¡Me encantaría! Te la enviaré encantado. MK: Me la pondré. ¿Cuáles son los colores del equipo? CS: Es amarilla. MK: Oh, vaya. No es mi color. ¿No podrías hacerla morada? CS: Pero el caso es que quedo con mis amigos, vamos al partido después de cenar en Nando's. ¿Sabes lo que es? Es una cadena de restaurantes de pollo... MK: ¡Me estás enseñando tanto! CS: No sé si estoy haciendo lo correcto, la verdad. MK: ¡Esta es la mejor entrevista que he tenido en todo el día! CS: El caso es que así es como veo el día: empezamos con el pollo... MK: ¡¿Pollo para desayunar?! CS: No, no, porque será como a mediodía o así. Después vamos al partido. Eso sí, el Watford no es de primera división ni nada. MK: Mejor, eso es demasiado cool. CS: Esto es ridículo, pero si tú quisieras venir... MK: ¿Contigo? Tomaríamos el pollo, después iríamos al partido... ¿y yo llevaría una camiseta amarilla? CS: Bueno, cantaríamos canciones y eso. En el descanso podríamos tomar un pastel. MK: ¿Un pastel? ¿Como una tarta de manzana? CS: No, como un pastel de carne. MK: Ah, vale. Te sigo. Volvemos a ser británicos. CS: Y después, quizás un par de pintas... MK: Sí, bien. Me gustan las pintas. ¿Cuál es tu cerveza favorita? CS: Eh... bueno... esto... MK: A mí me gusta la Blue Moon. ¿Tenéis de esa? CS: No, no. Nunca he oído hablar de ella. MK: ¡¿QUÉ?! ¡¿Qué?! Escucha. Voy hasta allí, tú me enseñas el fútbol y yo te enseño una Blue Moon. CS: ¿Cómo de rápido te puedes acabar una pinta? MK: Oh, bastante rápido. Solía trabajar como camarera. También sé servir cerveza sin espuma. ¿Qué? ¿A que no sabías eso de mí? CS: Deberías trabajar en el club de fútbol, detrás... Sería genial. Y yo debería volver a las preguntas. MK: ¿Por qué? ¡Esta es una conversación mucho mejor! [Monólogo con lugares comunes sobre su personaje y trabajo en la película] 05:40 CS: Mi colega Dicko se va a casar pronto y me ha invitado a la boda. Ahora estoy pensando que no tendré otra oportunidad de... MK: ¿Pedirme que vaya contigo a la boda? Bueno, aparentemente digo que sí a todo, así que... ¿cuándo es la boda? CS: Creo que en junio. MK: En serio, estaré trabajando. No bromeo. Tengo el rodaje de una película. CS: ¿Te has bajado los pantalones alguna vez en una boda? Quizás es algo sólo de Reino Unido... Ponemos un episodio de Los vigilantes de la playa, nos quitamos la ropa y bailamos. MK: ¿Sabías que salí dos veces en Los vigilantes de la playa? La primera era una chica que pedía ayuda porque su amiga se estaba ahogando y la segunda fui una niña ciega que se pierde en el bosque. Es un hecho. CS: Oh, vaya. ¿Se acabó el tiempo? Te doy las gracias y espero que haya estado bien. MK: Ha sido una entrevista genial.
What is Lorem Ipsum?
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Arts and crafts ideas for senior citizens
Are you aware about the factors that affect healthier aging?Healthy aging is the process which allows elderly to take an active part in community with no bias and enjoy high quality of life. There are certain ways by which we can keep up our health and function as we age. This can include maintaining our diet, doing regular exercise, getting health checkup and control of different threat for disease. We cannot avoid aging. However, the problems related to aging should be addressed which can be more than physical and health changes. We can face even more major issues in our lives. Apart from normal aging and health problems, older adults, nowadays, face problems like falls, loneliness, abuse, care for long-term and depression which can endanger healthy aging. How to maintain good health while aging: There are different ways to maintain good health while aging. These include: · Encourage better brain health and function · Encourage better physical health · Examine common aging health issues. · Find out ways to improve chronic conditions · Get recommended for improved health outcomes for older adults · Approach medical, legal and financial improvement care planning https://seniorstoday.in/health/face-masks-update Addressing common neglected health problems for seniors: Addressingcommon senior health issues that are neglected which normally obstruct healthy aging is sometimes known as geriatric syndromes. It can be normally seen in older people who are more than 60 years. They influence greatly on health and life quality. They also affect the ability of elderly to socialize, remain active and take care of themselves. Unfortunately, these problems are ignored and we don’t take effective actions, but seniors normally suffer from these issues for years. People may think that nothing can be done as these problems are part of aging. But, that is not true. When there is a correct examination, these issues may assist elders feel better and even live longer. Falls Fallsare common in the elderly. Some of it causes little injury. At the same time, they are frightening as it can restrict the activities of the older people. It normally creates fear among elders and as a result they involve less activities. Major falls can lead to wounds like head injuries and broken hips. Main reason for this can be insufficient strength, health problems, side effects of certain medicinesand low balance. These can be addressed with right physical activities. Memory distress Memory distress can lead to worry and concerns for elderly. There may be reduction in thinking abilities. Evaluation assists in determining whether an elderly is cognitively impaired, and to what level. This examination can detect causes which can be treated that are usual in elderly. Seniors may not get it examined thinking that it may be Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Depression Normally, older people who are healthy may have lesser number of depressions. This may still be one of the common neglected problems. Depression can be common in those who are either isolated socially or those who have any kind of disease. If you notice that you do not enjoy activities which used to give you excitement, then it is essential to get yourself treated and cure depression. Pain According to a research, almost 50% of older people who are above 65 years suffer from any kind of physical pain. It can be caused due to less social and physical activities, not taking good care of your body and being in isolation, loneliness and depression. Few pains may be symptoms of new health or chronic problem which should be treated well. It can be decreased by few types of psychotherapy or exercises. Apart from these common neglected problems in healthy elderly, there are other problems such as: getting side-effects from multiple medicines, difficulties in controlling bladder, bad vision or hearing and so on. Conclusion We should always keep in our mind that healthier aging does not only mean that elders do not have any health issues. Rather,it also means to evaluate and address them on time before they get worse or impact the rest of their health. It can be done by promoting the activities which foster brain health Get more updates at Seniors Today. https://seniorstoday.in/food/iced-coffees-from-around-the-world