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30 Day Vixx Challenge... Day 16 *^▁^*

So today the question is, what was your first song? So if you have been following my cards you already know but for those who just happen to be passing through my first song was...... *drum roll*


it was also my first mv and I love it to death 💗(^O^)

It's still my number one vixx jam, the only one I can say I love just as much is beautiful liar, but don't get me wrong I love all vixx has to offer but there will always be some closer to my heart 💗。^‿^。

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Error is definitely one of the songs I listen to most as well!!! Have you heard the acoustic version of it they did during the MBC Picnic live? @netchtiBates
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no I've never heard that version @byeolbit
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