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Jaden Smith Makes Out With Girlfriend At NYFW


The front row of fashion week is becoming increasingly casual when it's traditionally known to be only reserved for the most prestigious attendees. As everyone knows, it's New York Fashion Week where the most famous and most aspiring fashion designers show off their designs to the world. For some, it means fortunes and notoriety, and for some, the fashion world compares them to perfection so it's more of a social event than anything.
But the main focus of NYFW recently landed on Jaden Smith, who thought the front row of fashion week's Gypsy Sports show was completely suitable to make out with his girlfriend, Sarah Snyder. I think it's absolutely pathetic that they though this was an appropriate place to show what many media sites are calling "young love". A kiss, an embrace, holding hands, etc. is appropriate young love. Making out next to some of the biggest names in the industry? Not so cool.
Though Smith has been known for his off-the-wall comments regarding education, his lifestyle, and fashion itself (he supposedly doesn't care about clothes...), his parents never seem to step in for intervention. Will and Jada Smith really allow Jaden and Willow to be free spirits which has ultimately been looked down upon.
Smith is 17-years-old while Snyder is 19-years-old and they're pulling all of the stops to show off their romantic relationship. The couple started dating earlier in the year and it's obvious that they're still keeping the love very much alive. At the Gypsy Sports show, they made out frequently before and after the event. It's very possible they exposed their love to an extreme because they knew it would be highly photographed and the media would talk about it.
However, it's also slightly controversial because Smith's girlfriend isn't so sweet. She was arrested in June for allegedly stealing her friend's $16,000 Hermes Birkin Bag. But you know, that's just a sign she really loves fashion, right? NO. However, it's slightly unfair for me to point all of the fingers at Smith especially after the entire fashion world freaked out when Kim Kardashian sat front row with her daughter North who at the time, annoyed Anna Wintour last year. I guess the controversy is what keeps people interested these days.

What do you think of Jaden Smith's young love?

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I re read the comments, and I'd like to put in my few cents on the subject of the photo (with all due respect to everyone): I respect, and sympathize with @nicolejb and @mchlyang on their view on this. Looking at it from the photographer point of view though, I will say this is what the photographer was after, as a paparazzi type of photographer, this was a money shot. It's what they want to capture bc they know people will get a reaction from it, and it catches the attention quickly. These photos can go for some serious $$ to magazines or celeb gossip sites
2 years ago·Reply
You are totally right @jibarito! That’s exactly what the paparazii would want...
2 years ago·Reply
Mhm, although I personally don't like paparazzi photography at all, I still try to understand as to why they would shoot and release these types of photographs @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply
It’s smart actually @jibarito! The paparazzi (despite common thought) is really intelligent. The know how to manipulate people and sell things
2 years ago·Reply
@jibarito Yes, the photographer was doing his job, but I personally don't want to see two teenagers making out in public. I also don't want to see Jaden Smith's tongue out like that hahaha.
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