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It looks like I've made a bit of a mistake here, guys. Both of these places suggested by @JonPatrickHyde and @TessStevens (above) both crossed my mind while I was writing the previous card but somehow I had forgotten about them.
I am truly sorry and it will never happen again. Or it might, I'm not good at making promises that I can keep.

Independent Art House Movie Theater

I'm one of those people who loves going to the movies alone. A lot of my friends aren't into the movies that I'm into so going to little Independent Movie theaters is something that I've gotten accustomed to doing alone. Now, if for some reason, a pretty person walks up to me and wants to talk about the movie we both just saw, I'd probably faint. The conversation would be beautiful and engaging. @JonPatrickHyde is 100% right on this one, the amount of inspiration found from independent/foreign film is immense and it'll probably lead to an enlightening conversation that will then lead into another conversation about going on a date.

Indie Rock Show

This is, definitely, a good place to meet a sensitive guy. Especially if you're both there to see the same hip hipster band no one else knows about but you. You can talk about the lyrics, the music, the people in the band, and anything else. The alcohol will also help. I'm the type of sensitive guy who is also super shy but when I smell even the slightest amount of liquor; I will talk to you until your ears fall off (probably, maybe). @TessStevens, you're totally right about meeting someone here. Chances are, you don't even need to meet the guy in the band, there's probably some sad-sap who's in the middle of writing their own music standing in the crowd next to you.
So there you have it. Two MORE places you might run into a sensitive/creative guy. They're all over the place these days, so you know, keep an eye out and be open and honest.
Oh my heart! Thanks @paulisaverage this is perfect! I'll look for the guys in the crowd next time! #unattainablerockstargoals maybe I'll have a better chance of avoiding jerks that way 😂😂😂
movie theatre it is! it would be great if somebody cute comes to me and talk :-) ♡♡♡
Sometimes I go to Indie movies by myself in the hopes of finding a cutie. “oh you are here by yourself. oh me too! wanna share some raisanettes?”