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My kpop amigo @JohnEvans is making daily cards for song of the day. Here is a link to his card. I was inspired to share with you some songs from my Pandora G-Dragon station that helped me get through work.

What songs do you enjoy on Pandora?

I love the song. You can see so many elements of GD in this song. The lyrics are to due for, plus his one of a kind voice.
Coup D'etat. This sing has a great beat and I love it.
2PM Heartbeat. I love it. The lyrics and meaning. This is a band I might add to my list. I'm always on my BB AND EXO ISLAND LOL!
EXO El Dorado! I love that bass towards the end. I was turn up at work lol.
Big Bang Bingle Bingle! Yes you can be the one! lol
Jay Park Metronome! Ah I love this guy and I love the bear of this song.
Simon D Love that guy ^^ Metronome that song is my jam
i want to cling to your beauitful soul's face...your music taste matches mine so well
Lol @Marilovexoxo great minds think alike. we both have awesome taste! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
love this playlist and its funny because both of these Gd songs and metronome are on my playlist for work too lol
Lol @xroyalreisx πŸ˜„πŸ˜„