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Nutella, my love. You are beautiful in every way. Your taste and look makes me salivate. I beg my friends when they have you to give me a spoonful. I always wish that you would stay. But I can't help it and eat you straight. When your jar is empty and gone it makes me mournful. You disappear just like that, stolen away. Why can't people keep their hands off, it's like bait. People eat you, but never savor the taste that comes their way. You have a delicious taste. And I can never stay away. My love for you, Nutella, is never ending. Stay with me til the end of our love story. @shannonI5 @glostick @KpopandKimchi
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Nutella is the best! I'm gonna go grab some Nutella and bananas now.
Yessss! I love this!! I was watching a video a few days ago about how Nutella actually tastes really good on hamburgers. Would you ever try it?? I'll be honest and admit I'm a little undecided lol.
I鈥檇 try it with you @danidee...I鈥檇 pressure you into trying it with me :)
@nicolejb I just pictured some sort of Thelma and Louise scenario where we're both holding hands as we prepare to take a bite of our respective Nutella burgers haha.
I would totally try it