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I can't help but think that animals who've been abandoned, abused, neglected or otherwise cast aside have a greater appreciation for love than those that haven't. This girl, my Baby....she seems to soak up life and affection more than any other cat I've been graced with. She was found by a girlfriend of mine on a huge highway sized street in Michigan. She was starving, hungry, covered in dirt and oil......scrounging around a gas station for food and a kind heart. My friend saw her being kicked around by some mean teenage boys as she basically was begging for help, food, and affection. She snatched her up, threatened to beat their asses for their behavior, and brought her home. She and her twin sister regularly rescued, rehabilitated, and found homes for kittens/cats in need. As much as they could foster. At full length and probably 11 months, Baby barely weighed 4 lbs. She could have fooled you with all that hair but she was a sack of bones when I first held her. It was love at first purr. My friend had bathed and degreased her several times, scooped mites out of her ears, and fed her as much as she could eat for about a week. When my girlfriend posted a picture of her, I couldn't help but go meet her. She crawled in my lap instantly and purred, lethargic and still way underweight. How could I resist??? She is now about 8 lbs, still a petite cat, but pampered as much as I can give. She gives love and appreciation, is so playful and sweet, and is shockingly extremely clean. I can't remember my life without her now. No matter what my day has been like, she's just as happy to see me as I am her. Just the sweetest babydoll.
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AWWWW. Baby is super adorable. We rescued my kitty, KC too! Best decision I forced my family to make ;) I think especially since we have a huge amount of animals out there, I would always encourage people to adopt instead of going to a breeder.
Aww how precious! I rescued my cat Miss.Tuffsey and it was a great decision. I'm so happy that your rescue story is on Vingle. More people need to know that this is an option and more animals will have healthy and happy lives!!! Thank you for sharing this :)
Cute and precious! <3 <3 <3 <3
I know @falcon4daisy so sad :/ I'm very very happy to know that lots of people are standing up for these animals and it's a real inspiration to know that people are continuing to educate themselves. Plus they're so cute and kind and innocent!
It's crazy how many loving animals are put down each day. Even if you want a purebred anything, there are usually rescue organizations. My twin friends who do this out of their homes are angels to the animal world. I love hearing that others experience some of their best companions through similar circumstances! Cheers to your little love and you!! :)