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There isn't anyone more gullible than the person sitting in front of their computer, constantly tapping at their keyboard, looking for some advice on the Internet. Stop that, you. I get it, you feel alone/insecure and you're trying to find something that'll alleviate your loneliness.
Okay, so reading someone's words online is, sometimes, very cathartic. There are chances someone feels the same way you do. And there are other, more common, chances that you'll find something online that is essentially a list of pictures and a banal platitude at the end (I'm aware that I contribute to this realm, don't worry).
But anywho, here are a few reasons you should stop looking for advice on the Internet.

Everyone is Lying to You (probably, maybe).

It's easier for us (people who ramble on the Internet via lists) to just make things up. We don't really give a rip if you think we're blowholes or not. This is fun for us and sometimes it leads to getting paid money for doing nothing (I'm looking at you Buzzfeed). But hey, if a couple of .gifs will make you think, yeah I can get the cute guy/girl in my high school then, you know what? I'll put 'em all in a list for you, pal.

You Don't Know These People

The Internet made it so easy for people to make other people think they're a doctor or something. Here check this out:

Dr. Paul I. Average

I'm a doctor now. That's it, I did it. Some kid in the Midwest is looking for something to read that'll make him feel better about his/her own insecurities and they find something with those big block letters saying, I'm a doctor. They're more prone to believe anything I write because there's something about big block letters that feels so officially/intimidating it's hard not to believe the person typing those things isn't what they say they are.

Everyone is Different

When it comes down to it. The one reason you should not take advice online seriously is because we're all different people. Not one person has had the same experience as you or perceives the world the way you might. Sure, go ahead and look for some interesting thing to read online while you're on the toilet or procrastinating at work but don't take some blogger's words as something other than a bunch of symbols.
You should continue to think for yourself. The same way you always had, before the Internet became something you wanted to check every couple of seconds. Before you were chained to your respective social media feeds (isn't it funny how we call them "feeds"? It's as if we have a hunger that will never be satiated).

Take your time. Read stuff on the Internet. But in the end, make your own decision.

@nicolejb @LizArnone don't worry i don't blame you guys for not wanting to take advice from a guy who openly admitted that he is a liar (and not a real doctor)
I dunno if I should even take THIS advice...
I agree with @nicolejb this seems like some sort of inception via the Internet ! Haha just kiddddddddding but you are so right I have to remind myself of this from time to time before I get myself way to hung up on random shit !!
I mean I really did assume that everyone that writes on the internet is a doctor ;)