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Hey Health Vinglers! :) @allischaaff here, your fellow health nut!! :D I'm pretty obsessed with leading a healthy lifestyle, like eating right and exercising, because, well, it makes me feel good! And I want to know what brings all of YOU to the Health community, so we can all chat and be friends and help each other out on our individual journeys to a healthier lifestyle :)
So don't be shy!! Say hello and answer this poll in the comments below ^_^

Q: What is your biggest health goal? Is it...

eating better? getting in shape? fostering mindfulness? preventing disease? starting a steady exercise plan? aging well? losing weight? overall self-improvement? other?
To get the ball rolling, I'm gonna tag some of the peeps I've seen around the Health community, as well as those who have followed my Easy Health Hacks collection :) looking forward to meeting you all!!! Let's get healthier... together! :D
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@allischaaff well. It's been proven recently, I believe it research took place in Germany. You should check Wim Hof on VICE. He and he's students been injected with bacteria which had to cause severe vomiting, headache, fever. And all of them passed the test with no problems. What scientists found, that during he's breathing techniques, amount of antibodies in blood increased dramatically. Governments are bought and they don't really care for their "citizens" how many people die from pharmaceuticals every year? Side effects which includes death. Corporations have more power than governments. Oh,This is not a political debate. We are trying to help each other. Apologies :)
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OK so I somehow missed this tag. My over all health goal...over all self improvement. I find that includes everything listed lol
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Plus I've been looking into becoming a vegetarian for some time. Anyone care to give some words of advice on where to start?
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That's a really good question @LizaNightshade!! I've actually been thinking about that too... I'll do some research and see if I can find any vinglers with insight :)
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