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Magician Gives Fiancé The Best First Dance Ever

If you didn't think magic was here, wait until you see this dream wedding.

Dreams don't only come true at Disney World. If you've never thought about marrying a magician, you should add it to your list of things to consider. Especially if he has an amazing magic filled dance routine up his sleeve.
Magician Justin William and wife [who recently went viral for video reminiscing on how they met in a drunk state of mine] broke the internet. Well, somewhat. Instagram got to see the amazing scene first hand after the proud father in law posted a photo with the caption saying, "When your son-in-law is a magician, it's hard not to get super excited." Talk about a proud father in law and an amazing new couple [see video clip below].

How iconic was this wedding?

Not only was magic in the air everywhere you looked around, but love was too.
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This is so great!!! Also, I love her dress!
2 years ago·Reply
the dress is absolutely gorgeous!++ @DaniVO
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