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How To Look Put Together (Even When You're Not)

Everyone has those days where their insides look like a war-zone. On those days, where things feel weird and you don't want to make an effort, think again. It's seriously easy to appear put together. And some studies suggest that making your outside look better will in turn, make your inside look better too!
So put your best foot forward.

Okay, first off, forget about doing your hair. Just go natural. Bed-head totally rocks.

The hair you wake up with might not be totally presentable, but with a bit of brushing and a change in your part, you could look totally chic. Lots of people send too much time trying to get bedhead like yours so rock it!
If you need to style at all, just use a mousse or pomade, this will give your unruly hair a bit more structure and texture. More often than not it comes off as impossibly cool, rather than messy. Get less self-conscious and just let that bad-hair day thing go.

When you pick an outfit, try to be as simple as possible. Monochromatic is always good.

All black everything never ceases to look put-together. You can have an absolutely shitty day and nobody would know. If you want to accessorize we'll get to that. But no matter what, if you stick to one color, or two colors you'll look great even when you don't feel like it.

Accessories are always a conscious thing, so they'll automatically make you look like you put in more effort.

Take any rock-star for example. Jeans and a T-shirt can be transformed with a hat and a necklace. Don't be afraid to go out of the box with your accessories. Here's Pete Doherty making great use of three of these accessories: And even I look okay using them to my advantage!
Hats: Awesome, and totally in fashion for men and women.
Necklaces: The longer the better, they're ultra chic and give off a put together, minimalist vibe.
Scarves: These are always cool, no matter what the weather. Choose a lighter fabric for spring and fall and a heavier one for winter.
Sunglasses: Always cool, never boring.

Layer up!

It may seem like a lot of work, but it's really not. Pick a sweater and a button down. Put on the button down first and then the sweater. Roll up the sleeves and you're done!
Add a watch for more put-together-ness. With this look, it'll be like you've stepped out of a J Crew catalog. Seriously.

Get a smart overcoat. the very British tradition of chic lines and muted colors. Overcoats instantly transform any outfit and make your shittiest T and jeans look totally cool.

Above all else, just try to be confident. Even if you're not feeling all that great on the inside, you can use a great outside to influence more positive emotions. It'll all be okay! But even if it's not, being put-together is a state of mind.