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Lets take a moment of silence for all of the fellow kpoppers who died watching this today........ Seriously I can't with Luhan , who gave him permission to do this.amen to whoever did but still this is soo illegal on so many levels but I loved every second of it. ughh my baby is just too muchβ™‘β™₯
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@Mariloveexoexo yes! Like put a caution message before so we know to embrace the situation! CAUSE MY BODY WASN'T EVEN READY! I'm right there with you! @Mariloveexoexo @AnnahiZaragoza yes! #Ghostsquadforlife!
Something was learned from this --> be careful of what you ask for! Some of us would complain of some Idols not coming out with Comebacks or with their debut. #Ghostsquadforlife !
Sorry forgot to tag the #Ghostsquadforlife lol @Marilovexoxo @AimeeH
@AnnahiZaragoza Haha its okay dear ^β€’^
*fangirls* omg omg omg! *dies*