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Lets take a moment of silence for all of the fellow kpoppers who died watching this today........ Seriously I can't with Luhan , who gave him permission to do this.amen to whoever did but still this is soo illegal on so many levels but I loved every second of it. ughh my baby is just too muchβ™‘β™₯
Sorry forgot to tag the #Ghostsquadforlife lol @Marilovexoxo @AimeeH
@AnnahiZaragoza @AimeeH Yeah seriously these guys should definitely warn us in advance because you cant just throw new mv's, comebacks, debuts etc at us all at once and expect us to be okay, but I can't complain because im loving every minute of it #Ghostsquadforlife lol
@AnnahiZaragoza right?! XD Fantastic! haha yes! We can be ghost besties! #SQUADGOALS! HAHA I really don't want to ghost alone though, so if anyone wants to join, then c'mon!
Yeah I think it's all a plan from them Idols lol but I won't let you die alone! haha I'm headed that route too haha @AimeeH
Ufff Seriously! Its like they had a reunion and had all this planned to see how we react or who the true fans are! Its so exhausting though!! I think I've become a zombie or alien or something! Haha But It's all worth it! @Marilovexoxo
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