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Hey Marvelers!

It's (almost) the end of the week. So I thought we could do something fun: Leave a comment describing your favorite hero in one word. Let's see if anyone can figure out who yours is! (You know mine obviously, I used a giant picture of his face right here).

My word: Enduring

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@LadyLuna XD I was in the right ballpark, just thinking of the wrong blonde guy named Chris XD
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 lmao!!! true true!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@LadyLuna haha you can have that one and I'll take the other one :D
2 years ago·Reply
@shannonl5 I totally can do that!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@LadyLuna lol now we just need to let them know XD
2 years ago·Reply