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Years ago a couple girlfriends of mine shared this secret when we visited a natural spa in Sonoma County. It's easy to spend hundreds of dollars on prepackaged body washes and creams to make our skin smooth, glowing and fresh. Even some of the most expensive products can be harmful or just plain ineffective. When exfoliating your skin, you want to make sure you choose something that breaks down, and ultimately softens so that you don't over scrub and damage the new layers. Cornmeal is my savior. Brand is of little concern, but you want to make sure the grit is not too large or small. this seems to be perfect in my opinion. A small handful mixed with my normal soap or body wash is an incredible scrub in the shower! Invigorating and leaves you with baby soft skin. Not only is it perfect and cheap for exfoliating to smoother skin.....but it's great for releasing ingrown hairs that get caught just below the skin, and if you use self tanner for fitness, properly prepares your skin for application. I would not recommend using this on your face unless you are SUPER careful to scrub very gently. But for all the tougher layers on your body, I've never used anything better! I've tried expensive sugar or salt scrubs, etc. The icing on the cake is applying your normal moisturizer after this process. It's perfectly prepped to soak in moisture. Trust me, you will love your skin in a new way. ;)
yess!!!! smells so amazing. you will def fall in love at first sniff @falcon4daisy
Oooooo, I have to try that!!!! @jordanhamilton
Speaking of natural oils.....avocado oil is really amazing for hands, feet, cuticles.....and Jojoba oil for hair and scalp, and is really good for psoriasis. :)
yes maam! ive made a few but my favorite was the coffee grinds and vanilla one I made. it smelled amazing and left my skin super smoothe @alywoah
Absolutely! And sugar and oil is sooo much cheaper than buying the stuff at the store...and i can still use my sugar and oil to cook! haha. @jordanhamilton have you ever used a homemade scrub??
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