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It can be tough out there during a zombie apocalypse situation, you have people who actually at worst than the zombies. Zombie's are considered mindless and work off of the basic human ideals, which is survival aka eating you.... Mmmmm mm brains. They can lurk in doorways, start a union (lol land of the dead homage) or even hang out by the bus waiting for first meat and remember the oldest and the sickest is not the first to go !
Now I had a deep video game convo with myself, which character should or would be by my side. It was hard, you have people with magic powers and people who just seem like they belong in a zombie apocalypse because they can cure it.
I don't know how Jean Claude and the rest of the crew might feel lol. But anyway here is my guy or thing
That seems creepy, what do you want to shoe me and don't start singing "D*ick in a box " it is not even December yet!
I don't mean to be full of myself but...
And I will take care the problem... See all that... Mmm I can run this! (prototype) by the way my name is Alex... I can change shapes can cause destruction. Oh and chop a head or two.
Lol, Yes I made him frisky lol but we have a job to do
@butterflyblu, I feel like hell still, the hospital I am in is full of shit and when I get better they are going to have hell to pay. There don't like communicating with me so I'm going to be with a lot of communicating with the higher ups.
@butterflyblu I was half sleep in the hospital when I made this. I need some entertainment, so Alex because frisky lol
@butterflyblu today the doctor decided to come in and actually talk to me about my levels. I was in shock lol. My white blood cell count is still low, it is now 1.9, so I think I'm still not leaving at all. But I do have friends that are supposed to be visiting me, which is always nice.
@LAVONYORK ugh. :( I'm sorry, girl. It's a pain in the ass, yeah? You'd think a hospital would at least Try to be accommodating. It seems like the longer you're there, the worse they get.
@LAVONYORK give em hell, yo. alex mercer style
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