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You're just passing through the kitchen, but those cookies on the counter catch your eye. Ooooo. Cookies. But no! You had decided to cut out refined sugar on weekdays. What day is it again? Thursday? Dammit. You hesitate. Hmm...
STOP RIGHT THERE! Before you reach for those sugary cookies, which won't give your body the energy it needs, think:

"Fruit first."

Go for a banana instead. There's plenty of sugar in fruit, too, but the good kind! It's raw, unprocessed, and it comes with a ton of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that your body can use as fuel. You'll get your sweet tooth fix, and be proud that you're meeting your health resolutions. :)

When is it most difficult for you to resist your sweet tooth cravings? Do you have another strategy for fending them off?