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Hey guys I know I haven't posted in a while because between school and work, I've just been so busy. But I do have something awesome I want to tell you guys. Well it's really awesome for me and I fangirled (and still fangirling about it now) over it because I'm just so in shock.
So I was on Kakao Talk (Korean text messaging site/app for those of you who may not know) and I get alerts about Kpop things that are trending. Well, a quiz about EXO popped up for "TRUE EXO FANS". Obviously I had to take it haha. So as I'm going through the quiz I realize on of the questions is about EXO's recent Pathcode comeback teasers for Call Me Baby. I'm reading the question and then look at the picture they put with it. After a second of staring at the picture I realize..... "OMG ONG OMG OMG WAIT REALLY?!? OMG!!" Yes, I actually said that out loud and my family just stared. "I MADE THE TEASER COLLAGE USED IN THE QUIZ!!"
Now you're probably thinking "that's it?" But for me I'm just like they actually somehow found my collage and liked it enough to put in the quiz that a lot of people have probably seen by now. I felt and am still feeling very proud of myself even if it is no big deal. I still feel some kind of pride lol.
Here is the image I made (left) and the quiz question using the image I made (right) 😄
And here is the full image of the Pathcode teaser collage (Kai)- I actually worked really hard on these collages and I think they look great- not gonna lie here. Because it was constant watching each teaser, finding what image I wanted to use. Screenshotting the right moment and cropping then editing which pictures should go where and positioning. It was very time consuming so I think I need to be be happy about this. Lol do you like it?!
After a few minutes I was like... "Should I tell them I made that?" But then I was like no because they might end up taking it down thinking I'm calling them out for copyright or something but I'm not I just want to let people know how awesome I feel about myself right now. I thought you guys might understand my fangirling feels right now haha. Here is the link to the quiz if you guys want to take it and hopefully my teaser collage is there for the questions you guys get!! Tell me what you also think of the other collages as well!!! Thanks guys!!!
Xiumin's Pathcode Teaser Collage
Chanyeol's Pathcode Teaser Collage
Tao's Pathcode Tease Collage
Sehun's Pathcode Tease Collage
Suho's Pathcode Teaser Collage
Baekhyun's Pathcode Teaser Collage
Chen's Pathcode Teaser Collage
Lay's Pathcode Teaser Collage
D.O's Pathcode Teaser Collage
Awesome!!! :D
Thats cool but I hope next time they give your credit!!!!
This is awesome! Love all the pics!!
You are mighty skilled, my friend. Mighty amazingly skilled. XD I actually took that quiz (and am not going to even admit to what my score was LMAO) and I remember kind of staring at the picture because I thought it was cool. X3 Nice job on all of them!! :D
I love your great works. Awesome .
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