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The first Kdrama I ever watched! It's a little older, but it's still great!
True fangirl feelings are brought up throughout. At the time, I didn't know the feels, but now...it's so true!!! The kpop group shows you the decade of the drama, but it won't stop me from chanting along! H.O.T.! H.O.T!
Sung Shiwon (played by Jung Eun-ji) is the ultimate fangirl and last place in her class. "I'm going to be Tony oppa's wife!" Yoon Yoon-jae (played by Seo In-guk) is the President of their class. Yoon-jae grew up with Shiwon all his life and he falls in love with her. You can just see the chemistry!!
*Kang Joon-hee (played by Hoya from the kpop group Infinite) and in love. ;) *Mo Yoojung (Shin Soyul) Shiwon's best friend who falls in love at the drop of a hat. *Do Hakchan (Eun Jiwon) is the army brat who just transferred from Seoul. *Bang Sungjae (Lee Sieon) *Yoon Taewoong (Song Jongho) is their teacher and -Spoiler Alert- someone's brother.
Did I mention the kiss scenes?
The bromance is all to real!!! And there are puppies!!!!
But mainly the SUSPENSE! This is a real coming-of-age/high school drama that has lots of funny moments! Most of the drama is actually a flashback to when the main characters were in high school and there are occasional times where it shows the main characters (in the present) at a reunion. At this reunion, one couple will announce that they're getting married and you won't know who until late in the drama.
@AimeeH Their hair, their ages, their outfits....but yeah!! Me too!! ^_^
@kpopandkimchi Exactly! I loved how it was natural and awkward, but not forced. I loved his character and the ending was great!
This will always be my favorite drama. Definitely deserves a rewatch from me soon.
@ButterflyBlu KK! I will!
@jiggzy19 you should!! It's really, really good! <3
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