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Would You Drink Alcohol That Tastes Like Unicorn Tears?
Ever want to get 'turnt' on the tears of a popular mythical creature?
Well, look no further!

There's officially a new gin liqueur infused with the sweet, satisfying flavor of pure unicorn tears!

Introducing Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur, distilled by Mother's Ruin and internationally distributed through online purveyor Firebox. The alcohol is a blend of gin and sweet liqueur, but the best part is the heap of 100% edible flakes of REAL SILVER in each bottle!
According to some lucky food reviewers who have been able to get their hands on a bottle, the liqueur has notes of "oranges, berries, maple syrup, and a hint of spice".
As for the price? For roughly $61.39 a bottle, one food critic noted:

"[That] can only be attributable to the fact that it is actual, real, joyful unicorns that cried these tears, right?"

Well, if you ask my Magic 8-Ball:

So what do you guys think about Unicorn Tears liqueur? Would you dare try it, or do you think it's a huge waste of money?

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@shannonl5 I thought unicorn blood was good
2 years ago·Reply
so,how taste:)? Tell me..
2 years ago·Reply
@MarkoKaRiambo Exactly how you'd expect unicorn tears to taste, of course.
2 years ago·Reply
hell yeah
2 years ago·Reply