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When we're having a good day, it's easy to forget about when we have bad ones. Giving back is a great way to make others happy, and it helps you feel good too!
Check out these celebrities who have given a lot of time and effort to charity, and explore the options you have to give back too.
It's no secret that a lot of celebrities are well off, but it's what they do with their wealth that matters.

1. Volunteer in your hometown like LeBron James.

LeBron is an Ohio boy, born and raised. After his brief "stint" in Miami he returned, leading the Cavaliers all the way to the NBA Finals. Aside from his insane basketball ability he helps kids in his hometown of Akron. Through the LeBron James Family Foundation he has raised money for scholarships, school fees and more. He's helped thousands of kids in the greater Akron area graduate from high school.
If you want to help like LeBron: consider teaching at a local camp, or volunteering for after-school activities in your local elementary or middle school. There are a variety of charities that come very close to home, so do a little research on your hometown and get involved. No matter what you do, you have to recognize where you came from, it often makes you who you are.

2. Fight for something that really speaks to you.

Demi Lovato personally struggled with depression, and gave back by starting a "Mental Health Listening and Engagement Tour" designed to help with acceptance and de-stigmatization of those suffering with anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Lovato has fought tirelessly for those under societal pressure, and provides a safe and beneficial voice for those who can't speak for themselves.
If you want to help like Demi: find something that connects. I identify with her because of my struggles, and have taken some small action by posting my experiences here on Vingle. It's my little way of showing that things aren't always cookie-cutter and things can change! If you can take to social media in a positive way then go for it! It's definitely a way to give back.

3. Do something you love!

Justin Timberlake loves to golf. It's his favorite hobby, and he's pretty good at it. Justin plays in a dozen or so charity golf tournaments per year. He helps raise money for various charities including the Shriner Children;s Hospitals. Timberlake loves showing off his golf skills and helps others along the way!
If you want to help like Justin: show your talent! It could be singing at an old folks home, visiting a hospital, or playing a free concert for charity. If you're an artist of any kind sell your work for charity! Host an event, play in a charity golf tournament, basketball game, run or walk! Any little bit helps.

4. Organize an event.

One Direction is one of the biggest pop acts in the world, it would be wrong for them not to give back! Their concerts are huge deals, and most of their concerts actually have charities attached to the ticket sales. I think that's pretty amazing. So far 1D have raised over 600,000 Euros for the Stand Up To Cancer UK charity. That's over 30,000,000 tickets worth!
If you want to help like One Direction: look up your favorite charity and make an event. Something as simple as a charity walk, dance, local concert or even block party can make a difference. Charge admission and donate! You'd be surprised how many people will participate!

5. Be an example.

Taylor Swift proved that giving back is really cool. If you want others to donate then you have to too! Start a revolution in your own friend group. Join charity fundraisers, and if you can't give yourself send a re-tweet, make a card on Vingle, do something! If you have no resources, or all of the resources put them to use!
To help like Taylor: Just be a kind person! Try and get your friends involved, spread the causes you feel passionate about. Make your voice heard on social media. Start a trend of kindness and you never know how much of an impact you could make!
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