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What a fun-looking, delicious treat! I'm not a big fan of cotton-candy flavored things (they're too sweet for me), but somehow I still LOVE cotton candy. How the sugar just melts away on your tongue... and the beautiful, happy colors. Doesn't looking at it just make your cares seem a little farther away?
Vanilla ice cream, a simple store-bought cone, and big, fluffy clouds of cotton candy on top. What could be easier or more delightful?
This would be the perfect treat for a child's birthday party, a baby shower, or even a wedding reception. It's just so fun and light-hearted, children and adults of all ages won't be able to resist!
You might have to use a simple skewer to get the cotton candy to stay, but there are plenty of pretty decorative ones out there that will be child-safe and not interfere with this dessert's simple beauty.
Idea and photo credit go to Coco Cake Land! Visit her blog for more adorable desserts here.
Wooooo right @netchtiBates?!? @RaquelArredondo so agreed, it just looks so pretty and fun and happy :)
where was this all my life? Lol
I must try!! This looks creatively delicious :D nice!! ^^